Juliet McCully

Received her Speech Therapy qualification from the Kingdon-Ward School of Speech Therapy in the United Kingdom as a Colombo Plan Scholar. Upon graduating, she returned to Singapore to start and head the Speech Therapy Department at the Singapore General Hospital. She later went into private practice and is the founder-director of the Speech Clinic and the Juliet McCully Speech Training Centres in Singapore and Malaysia. Besides being a Licentiate of the College of Speech Therapists, Juliet is also a Licentiate of the Trinity College of London in Effective Speaking and a Licentiate of the London College of Music and Media in Speech & Drama. In addition, she holds a Master's degree in Child Development and Early Childhood Education from Wheelock College, Boston, USA.The Children's Place is the realisation of Juliet's vision for the premier preschool in Singapore.

To Foster Growth & Development by:

  • Developing a positive attitude towards learning by teaching children how to learn and not learning only what we teach.
  • Sharpening sensory awareness through exploring, observing, listening, touching, tasting and smelling.
  • Developing skills for verbal and non-verbal communication through literature, music, speech & drama, art & craft and dance.
  • Acquiring an understanding of concepts in mathematics, science, social sciences and language arts.
  • Developing muscular control and coordination by engaging in a variety of outdoor gross motor activities.
  • Establishing a healthy lifestyle by promoting hygiene, exercise, relaxation and a positive attitude towards nourishing foods.
  • Promoting positive relationships with family, peers, and adults outside the home by learning to participate as a leader and a follower.

Our Programmes

The Children's Place is a childcare centre licensed by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) of Singapore. We offer full and half-day programmes from 18 months to 6 years and 11 months old, as well as ad-hoc care. Our full-day programmes are from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm from Monday to Friday and our half-day programmes are from 7.30 am to 1 pm from Monday to Friday.

What our parents say

Alan Smith

“After 5 wonderful years, enriched with a wide blend of experiences and knowledge, my son moved on very well adapted to meet both the demands of P1 and of the ‘real world’. The Children’s Place is an extended family that he clearly still treasures.”

Ong Su Kiat

“They say a child’s mind is like a sponge. Hence, I am grateful that the caring and creative staff of The Children’s Place are always there to help stimulate my daughter’s creativity and imagination, while always making it fun for her to learn new things.”

Lia Naradate

“The Children’s Place is a remarkable fusion of East and West - with innovative and creative English and Chinese teachers who inspire the children’s imagination as well as their love for language and learning.”

Dr & Mrs Choo Chuan Gee

“You shine like stars in the universe and leave your own special mark in the world. We are truly grateful for all the care, attention and guidance which you have given to Jack over the last 5 years. We are sure it has prepared him well for the next stage of his learning journey. Most importantly to us, The Children’s Place has provided him with a safe and happy learning environment over the last 5 years. Thank you again to each and everyone of you.”