Senior English language Teacher

Ms May is a Senior Teacher at The Children’s Place and has taught there for 14 years. She became an Early Childhood Educator in 2000 because she believed that the formative years were extremely crucial in a child’s holistic development in later years. More importantly, Ms May wanted a career that was satisfying and meaningful. She graduated with a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) with Honours, from the University of South Australia in 2002. Her Honours dissertation was based on her research on how Individualised Education Plans could help Children with Special Needs to learn within an inclusive classroom environment.

Since joining The Children’s Place, Ms May has had the opportunity to work with children of all ages, abilities and nationalities. She treats every child as a unique individual and firmly believes that all children are naturally curious about the world around them. She taps upon this natural curiosity to engage the children in learning. Her classroom lessons are spontaneous and centred around hands-on activities. For instance, her class was once involved in gardening and the children had the chance to take care of the plants and saplings. Through this activity, the children discovered the life cycle of plants and also learnt about responsibility through taking care of the garden.

Ms May’s personal philosophy is “learning must be fun”. She invited a coach to introduce mini rugby to the children at The Children’s Place. The children had a wonderful time running around chasing each other and trying to score touchdowns! Through this activity, the children were exposed to a new game and learnt more about New Zealand’s culture when they performed the Haka. Her beliefs about learning are very much aligned with the philosophy of The Children’s Place… where learning is an adventure!