At The Children’s Place, the curriculum grows out of the children’s interests, style of learning, strengths and stages of development. The curriculum is based on child-relevant experiences to broaden the children’s world, stimulate their thinking, and foster intellectual development. An integrated curriculum is practised to include a variety of content areas in each learning experience, as opposed to the use of compartmentalised activities. Direct experiences through which children can explore and deepen their understanding of the world are the core of the curriculum. Reading, language, mathematics, science, music and art are interwoven. Children are encouraged to observe and ask questions in order to develop specific skills, knowledge and competencies.

The Children’s Place aims at providing a comprehensive programme that emphasises total child development. It highlights a multi-curriculum instructional component that maximises the communication arts and mathematical skills required for academic success, skills in social interaction with peers and adults, positive attitudes towards learning, good basic work and leisure habits, sound health habits, preferences and tastes for nutritional foods and knowledge and appreciation of the community.

At The Children’s Place, children will be encouraged to grow in curiosity, self direction, determination, friendliness, co-operation and responsibility in a developmental, experiential programme.